Obtronix (pre-NTI) Apple-1 Replica


Project Start

My first replica Apple-1 was constructed in 2010 using an Obtronix motherboard.  Many parts are not very period-correct.  My goal was to get a functioning system with this first one (which I did).


Motherboard Logo

Font and layout details are seen before adding the sockets and other components.


Motherboard Built

I tried to keep the look close to original, without worrying too much yet about manufacturer or date codes (that came later with my Mimeo board).


Case Construction

I designed and built a case from cherry wood, inspired by the look of the original Byte Shop koa cases.


Test Fit part 1

Components were positioned before staining and final assembly to get precise locations to drill holes.


Case Completed

All the mounting holes are drilled as are the holes for the front panel components, the bottom fan, and the side card slot. I stained the wood to approximate the Byte Shop look.


Case Parts Added

The bottom fan, transformers, electrical connectors and wires have been added.  Also the buttons and light are installed on the front panel.


Test Fit part 2

The motherboard is temporarily added to check the fit with the other components, as well as the positioning of the side card connector.


Keyboard Mounted

A spare Apple II+ keyboard of mine is mounted to the front panel.  The interface to the motherboard is mounted just to the side of the left transformer.


Mobo Installed

The motherboard is in place with all connectors attached.  Some of the ICs have been added.


Almost Done

The only part left is to add the plexiglass top so I can show it off at my Apple Corps of Dallas meetings.


System Working

The computer is connected to a period Sanyo VM4209 monitor, and after a bit of troubleshooting I was able to load and execute the available Apple-1 programs.  I added some logic to the Tic-Tac-Toe program to make it play like I do.